About Me

Amanda Paige is a makeup artist based in New York City. Amanda has experience in beauty, fashion & editorial, commercial advertising, television & video, and special events. Her work has been featured in publications and advertising campaigns nationally as well as internationally. 

Amanda's passion for the industry translates through her willingness to positively represent the industry and others working in it. She has the ability to create a vast range of looks for any occasion, project, or client. Her beauty philosophy focusses on discovering and enhancing an individual's best features while making every woman feel Flawless in their own skin!


Zaiya Latt - Hair (Represented by Bryan Bantry 

Courtney Perkins - Makeup (Represented by Frank Reps)

Mary Irwin - Makeup (Represented by Factory Downtown)

Akki Shirakawa - Hair  (Represented by Art Department)

Michael Goyette - Makeup (Represented by Celestine Agency) 

Taryll Atkins - Makeup (Represented by Artists by Timothy Priano)

Gina Simone (Represented by Creative Management)

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